What is Honeycomb Calcite?

Honeycomb Calcite, an exquisite form of calcite exclusive to Utah, stands out as a captivating and impressive natural marvel. Resonating with characteristics akin to onyx and marble, this unique calcite variety serves as a vibrant alternative or a striking accent stone in both architectural and artistic contexts. The name “Honeycomb Calcite” is derived from its remarkable honeycomb appearance, which is evident when observing its polished surface.

The stone’s distinct visual allure emerges from the growth of elongated fibrous or tubular cells and crystals in a mesmerizing honey-yellow hue framed by white membranes surrounding each cell, creating the captivating “honeycomb look.” These cells intricately bundle together, endowing the stone with enhanced strength and stability, facilitating the extraction and processing of larger pieces.

Setting Honeycomb Calcite apart from other calcite variations are its exceptional features, including a spectrum of colors ranging from a soft, pale sunshine lemon yellow to a deep, rich honey golden amber, influenced by the stone’s thickness and attributed to sulfur deposits during its formation. The patterns vary based on the point of origin of cell growth, showcasing tight clusters resembling “honey sugar” to expansive areas resembling “petrified honey,” where cells reach maximum growth with minimal walls.

Noteworthy characteristics such as translucency, transparency, and the ability to achieve a high polish distinguish Honeycomb Calcite. Unlike some calcite forms, it exhibits resilience against fading in sunlight, making it an enduring choice. The entire stone radiates a luminous glow when illuminated by artificial, direct, or indirect lighting. Ideal for cutting, carving, polishing, and various decorative applications, Honeycomb Calcite has undergone fluorescence testing, confirming its non-fluorescent nature. This exceptional stone truly captivates with its unique blend of aesthetics and durability.

Colors of the Wind was founded in 1998 in Salt Lake City, UT by Sharron & Bill Hanson.

Sharron fell in love with the stone when she saw a piece of Honeycomb Calcite in an art gallery in Park City, UT. She bought the carving and began researching the stone.

They assisted in testing and researching the stone, developed a marketing plan, and took the stone to artists, builders, architects, interior designers, and carvers.

Today, they are the number one wholesaler and retailer of Honeycomb Calcite in the nation. Colors of the Wind is located at 11910 Warfield St. in San Antonio, Texas. We are just off US 281 and Nokoma, as shown in the map below.

Showroom hours are Monday – Friday, 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM.

Please call to set an appointment for another time.

For additional information, please call the showroom at (210) 403-2935 or send an e-mail to: sharron@colorsofthewind.net