What is Honeycomb Calcite?

Honeycomb Calcite is a beautiful and impressive form of calcite mined exclusively in the state of Utah. Honeycomb Calcite, much like onyx and marble (in general characteristics) can provide a colorful replacement or dramatic accent stone for architectural and artistic applications. The name ”Honeycomb Calcite” comes from the remarkable honeycomb appearance when viewing a polished surface. The growth of long fibrous or tubular cells and crystals of honey-yellow calcite outlined by white membranes surrounding each cell form the “honeycomb look”.

These cells grow in needle like bundles. This “bundling” adds strength and stability to the stone enabling larger pieces to be mined and processed.

Characteristics that set this stone apart form other forms of calcite are its color, patterns, translucency, transparency, its ability to accept a high polish and the fact it does not fade as readily in sunlight as other forms of calcite. The color ranges from a soft, pale sunshine lemon yellow to a deep rich honey golden amber depending upon the thickness of the stone. The coloring of the stone is attributed to sulphur deposits at the time of formation. The patterns change depending upon the point of origin of the cell growth-ranging from a tight “honey sugar” look of small hexagonal cells grouped close together to large cell areas that give the appearance of “petrified honey” where cells are at their maximum growth and minimum cell walls appear.

All of the stone is transparent and translucent offering a luminous glow when accentuated by artificial, direct or indirect lighting. Honeycomb Calcite is ideal for cutting, carving, polishing or any decorative stone application. We have tested the stone to find it does not fluoresce.

Colors of the Wind was founded in 1998 in Salt Lake City, UT by Sharron & Bill Hanson.

Sharron fell in love with the stone when she saw a piece of Honeycomb Calcite in an art gallery in Park City, UT. She bought the carving and began researching the stone.

They assisted in testing and researching the stone, developed a marketing plan, and took the stone to artists, builders, architects, interior designers, and carvers.

Today, they are the number one wholesaler and retailer of Honeycomb Calcite in the nation. Colors of the Wind are located at 11910 Warfield St. in San Antonio, Texas. We are just off US 281 and Nokoma, as shown in the map below.

Showroom hours are Monday – Friday 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM.

Please call to set an appointment for other times.

For additional information, please call the showroom at (210) 403-2935 or send an e-mail to: sharron@colorsofthewind